Body scanning

When I was a young girl my body would twitch in different places, mainly my neck. Some doctors have diagnosed this twitch as a tick or spasm and it has always related to a form of anxiety. At night, my mom would help me relax by guiding me through a body scanning practice that I still use to this day, personally and professional. As a yoga instructor, I use this practice in most of my classes as a form of relaxation and awareness. It also allows for an individual to come into their body, and awareness of physical necessity is heightened.


While lying down or sitting in a chair begin to breathe fully. Use the entire respiratory system to 

stimulate deep breathing. Observe the chest rise, or the stomach extend and then watch it fall and contract. 

Below are areas of focus that I use personally. Use as a guide, if you like, or develop your own areas. I

generally take one or two breaths for each area of the body. I start at my feet and energetically breathe in

an upward motion.

Area of focus:

Soles of feet and toes


Calves and Shins



Hips and Pelvic bone

Bottom of Spine


Front of stomach, back toward Spine

Breast and chest area



Wrist, palms, and fingers



Cheek bones

Eyes and space between the eyes

Crown of the head