Below are examples of ecopsychological practices. The sketch-map is extensive yet not exclusive to Ecopsychology. Levels and intensity of practices differ, so they may not be right for everyone. However, there is one practice in this list below that is possible for every individual. I stand by the belief that ecopsychological therapies are for all people. If you need assistance with a specific practice please feel free to contact me and we can explore together. The list is also continuously evolving (ways of connecting with the earth are very broad) and adding to the list is always encouraged.  The practices that I have chosen to expand upon are based on personal experience, interest, and simplistic ability. I hope to build upon this list as my education and knowledge expands. Awareness practices are emphasized because it’s a great place to start and is a motivating place to come back to. Also provided is a list of simple practices that can be exercised by all participants, at any time. Click on the highlighted links below to explore.  

A Sketch-Map of Ecopsychology Practices by John Davis, Ph.D.

From Naropa University and School of Lost Borders


Mindfulness practices, Sensory awareness, Contemplative practices, Mapping, Communication w/ non-human world (animals, plants, landforms, etc.), Working with metaphor and symbol, mirroring, Council (which can include human/other-than-human communities). Supplemental Awareness Practices: Self- Acknowledgement, Body scanning.


Ecocentric assessment (e.g., including a person’s environmental history in psychological assessment or using Four Shields model), Ecobiography, Despair and empowerment work, Working with environmental fear, grief, and rage, “Nature as therapist,” projective techniques with nature, Gardening, Horticultural therapy, Animal-assisted therapy (equine guided education, etc), Place-bonding, place-identity, Nature-based soul work, e.g., healing, nature as oracle, dreamwork, Wilderness rites of passage, vision fast, walkabout, day and night walks, Wilderness therapy, adventure counseling, outdoor challenge therapy, Shamanic journeying, guidance, and healing.


Environmental action, Environmental education, Restoration and regeneration, Sustainability work (developing and promoting lifestyles which are environmentally, economically, socially, and psychologically sustainable), De-commercialization, relocalization, appropriate technology, Bioregionalism, Bearing witness, tonglen/exchange with wounded places, animals, and plants.


Self-generated nature-based ceremony and ritual, Earth-centered festivals and seasonal celebrations, Dance, Poetry, Visual art, Music, etc.

EXERCISE SIMPLY- This is a list of practices that can be done anywhere by anyone will to participate.

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