I am so drunk
I have lost the way in
and the way out.
I have lost the earth, the moon, and the sky.
Don't put another cup of wine in my hand,
pour it in my mouth,
for I have lost the way to my mouth.

Its very easy to get caught up with the lives we lead, well with work, groceries, sport activities, school, parties. By the end of the day we have already planned for next week and even next month. Often times this can cause small and even large amounts of stress to the live we are trying to lead. We run around rushing to get everything done not realizing that some of the items on our to-do-list are insignificant to life and can be a hazard to our health. When errands or to-do-list begins to cause stress take a step outside, take a short walk and connect with the world that lacks judgment and to-do-lists. AND BREATHE! 
Colon Hydrotherapy/ Irrigation/Cleansing

Have you ever wondered why the bottom of the stomach is always bloated or no matter what you do or diet you adhere to, the bloating never decreases. That's because it's not just bloating caused from gas or something you ate, it's from everything you ate. After years of undigested foods; sugars, meats, dairy, things that are white (flour, sugar, salt) the colon begins to become impacted. Just like plaque against the teeth, the colon wall has plaque build up also, it's just plain old food. It's a common blunder that we feel we must live with the pouch that has extended from our, once comfortable, tummies we knew long ago. And this is not to say we must all look or feel the same but this procedure provides relief regardless of your intention for the cleanse.

Just as some go to their dentist twice a year and commence with the 1/2 yearly teeth cleaning, we must be committed to cleansing the colon in the same way. Many health concerns may be improved after colon hydrotherapy sessions; IBS, diverticulosis, colitis are just some of the few. Colon Hydrotherapy is a simple procedure and there are many facilities with qualified colon hydrotherapist waiting to answer any questions you may have.

We can carry any where between 4-15 pounds of extra fecal matter in our bellies at any one time. Many men that have a "shelf belly", so to speak, are amazed that the softness of the stomach just after one treatment. Now, we are all different and thinking about your diet and how well it may or may not be, one treatment may not be enough and for most, it's not. So commit yourself to the cleanse and complete it. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective, and natural way to cleanse the body of toxins, that may be causing disease. Go see a colon hydrotherapist today and feel healthier within the hour.

Ecopsychology and You

What might lead you to Ecopsychology? 

In need of transitional assistance and/or spiritual companionship? Are you going through a stage in life that is making you feel lost or alone? Do you want to get back into a deeper relationship with yourself and the Earth? All of these are great reason as to why Ecopsychology may be an option for you. 

What to expect when you engage in Ecopsychological practices?

Expect to enter into a deeper/closer relationship with the natural world and by doing so delving deeper into who you are and how you tick.  We might hike together, sit together, practice yoga together, or dig in the soil together by creating your own personal garden space. There are many applicable options and we will work together to find the right one for you. To learn more about horticultural therapy please visit that page.   

How long will each session last and what is the cost?

Each session will last from an hour to 1.5 hours, however depending on the activity sessions may last up to two hours. The cost of each session depends on the specific components of our time together. I do offer a sliding scale for those in financial need. 

Where do the sessions take place? 

It depends on the activity that we are working through but typically our first session will be conducted in an open, safe place. The type of work that we do together depends on your personal situation and experience and the envioronment will reflect your need.

Want a deeper relationship with yourself and the earth?

Email me at ECOLACING@GMAIL.COM or call (517) 492-7474 to leave a message.