Lacey Ingrao 2014

Here I am in Lansing MI. Capital city in fact; flushed with culture and thriving with diversity. It feels rich to be back in a city, where you'd think life moves a little faster. It doesn't here though, not for me at least. Maybe it's a Midwest thing. 

I'm here in Michigan with two wonderful snuggle pups and my amazing partner, who's working on a Ph.D at MSU, in Entomology. I'm so proud of him and consider myself lucky to be loved by him. My days are spent with my best friend, I am blessed.

My time and energy is spread across the city of Lansing at the moment. I am volunteering with Lansing ROOTS, a project of the Greater Lansing Food Bank , and assisting as a board member for Free Being Yoga Network, a non profit organization getting yoga services to under served community members. Please visit their website for more information (FBYN).  Additionally, I am guiding yoga throughout the city; current locations include MSU and Just B Yoga.  

It's been seven month since we moved here and for the last four months we been covered in snow. Michiganders say this is the worst winter in 100 years. Hello Michigan, nice to meet you too! I'll add here that I am loving the snow and I find this new experience (coming from the winter-less state of CA)  simply extraordinary. I'm in awe everyday I leave my house  and my days are slowed by watching the snow fall. 

I feel lucky to be here, witnessing winter season 2013-14; the large snow fall, the freezing rains, the ice covered streets, its a sight I wouldn't have wanted to miss in my life time.