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Here you will find more Ecopsychological websites with broad applications. They have been created by some of my closest confidants. I trust that their work will inspire and motivate many agents for change.

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M. Fleming- Ecopsychology
Nature Connects

Books: that have personally and professionally influenced my life and work.

Tuesday's with Morrie- Bloom, M.

Practicing Peace in Times of War- Chodrom, P.

Ordinary Magic- Welwood, J.

Last Child In the Woods- Louv, R.

Peace is Every Step- Nhat Hanh, T.

Coming Back to Life- Macy, J.

The Botany of Desire- Pollen, M.

The Ecology of Wisdom- Devall & Drengson

Thinking like a Mountain- Seed, J.

Ecopsychology- Roszak, T.