Self-Awareness practice- Checking in with you

There are some days when we wake up feeling the world is resting on our shoulders or the only desire would be to lay in bed all day. If you can relate or know someone that can, below is a short, simple poem offered in Peace Is Every Step that tells a story of interconnection and our supportive web-like universe.  When you wake up in the morning ask yourself “How are you doing today?” It’s a common question we ask to others but rarely to ourselves. If you feel this poem would be useful to you enjoy and repeat as often as needed.

“I have lost my smile but don’t worry. The dandelion has it. (Pg.6)”

In that moment of losing your smile, you are awake and mindful enough to recognize that your smile is not gone and it will return. The dandelion, a part of your community, is “keeping your smile for you.”