The following article was published by Debra Raybern, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., October 2006. I thought it was well worth my time to read it, enjoy!

I’ve always said the unsung hero organs in the body were the kidneys. Much attention is paid to the liver, as it should be, but we should not neglect the kidneys – just because we have two of them, doesn’t mean one is a spare. Here are a few reason’s why.

Your kidneys clean and filter your entire blood volume each hour. They help to maintain proper acid/alkaline pH levels, which we know is important in disease prevention, weight balance and emotional health. The kidneys are almost solely responsible for regulating the body’s fluid balance - keeping enough water on hand to prevent dehydration, bathe the cells, yet, prevent the holding of water – a condition often referred to as edema.

Your kidneys help to regulate blood pressure. Hypertension (HBP) or elevated blood pressure is the #1 cause of cardiovascular death in America. The kidneys aid in the assimilation of vitamins into your blood stream. What is not used is excreted through the urine. Sometimes when a person’s urine is quite yellow it indicates the kidneys need a little more support or cleansing. But also note that B vitamins are often sourced from foods rich in yellow color.

The kidneys help to regulate and control the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen to every cell in the body. Some cases of anemia may be linked to lowered kidney function, not just poor iron assimilation.

So how do we keep these 2 fist-size organs located above the waist on the back healthy?

  • Drink plenty of good clean water, half your body weight in ounces is a good rule to follow. Adding a few drops of Young Living Lemon essential oil will also alkalize the water for better health.
  • Eat about 75% of your food raw – still retaining not only their enzymes and nutrients but their higher water content.
  • Drink NingXia Red, at least 3 oz. daily – if you are having a kidney issue then up to 6 ozs. per day until resolved. An even better plan is to commit to drinking one bottle of NingXia Red per week for six months – you will no doubt see amazing results.
  • A bottle of K&B kidney formula from Young Living will aid in detoxifying and supporting the kidneys. Use as directed for one bottle, three times per year for general maintenance and use often if kidney issues are present.
  • Melrose is great applied neat (undiluted) topically over the bladder for incontinence.
  • Juva Cleanse is excellent to flush the kidneys of heavy metals. Two “00” capsules twice per day for a full bottle is all that is needed by most folks. Repeat twice per year.
  • Ledum (in Juva Cleanse) has historical evidence as a kidney cleanser in cases of E-Coli in the kidneys.
  • NO sodas, or coffee – both are highly acidic.

Treat your kidneys with love and care. So along with joining LLC – (the Liver Lovers Club), consider enrolling in KLC (the Kidney Lovers Club) as well – both are free and will pay you back with a lifetime of great health.

If your kidneys are not functioning at optimum you could experience:

  • bladder infections
  • kidney infections
  • incontinence & urinary urgency
  • kidney stones
  • kidney failure
  • skin rashes
  • brain fog
  • elevated blood sugar
  • cancer
  • fatigue

Almost always these conditions can be prevented, even healed, if you are willing to adopt a healthy food program, exercise, establish a periodic cleansing routine, nourish the kidneys and have a healthy attitude. Using the many high quality Young Living products supports your commitment to good health. I encourage you to use YL products for everything and everyone in your home! Debra Raybern, October 2006