Oils in the Garden by Sue Lehman

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Summer has arrived and it’s time to head outdoors. Poolside parties, birthday celebrations and picnics invite us to soak up every ounce of daylight.

“Insects will be repelled from your garden - in a standard size spray bottle, fill almost full of water and then add enough Thieves cleaner to color the water. You will know you put enough Thieves cleaner in the bottle when the insects scatter when you spray your vegetables and such. I grow tomatoes - in Florida - and no worms and no aphids and the grasshoppers leave too. This spray also works on rose bushes and squash plants. Then wipe down your kitchen countertops with the same spray. Happy Oiling.” Karen VanSchenck

  • OILS THAT DETER CRAWLING INSECTS: peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, thyme, geranium
  • FOR BEE STINGS: a cold compress with Roman chamomile
  • FOR WASPS STINGS: cider or wine vinegar and lavender and Roman chamomile
  • FOR SPIDER BITE: 1 teaspoon alcohol, 3 drops lavender and 2 drops Roman chamomile
  • HERBS THAT REPEL MOSQUITOES: cedarwood, clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, thyme, rosemary, geranium, lemongrass, peppermint, basic, cinnamon. Combine 7-10 drops of one of the essential oils from the above list with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. Dab on the skin or clothing.
  • FOR ITCHY BITES: The Sierra Club of Canada suggests coriander or Purification Oil for itchy mosquito bites.

Source = the Essential lifestyle Magazine Vol.3 No.3.

From its humble beginnings, to the reigning world leader in essential oils, Young Living’s continued success starts with its 100% natural farms. From pH-balanced soil and top-quality seeds, to the patented distillation process – Young Living Farms are what make the difference in the quality and purity of the essential oils.

Here are a few tips for recycling old coffee grounds in your garden:

  • Add used coffee grounds to the pots of indoor plants.
  • Work used coffee grounds into your garden soil before seed planting. After your plants start to emerge, work in coffee grounds near the plants. Used coffee grounds are said to repel snails and slugs as well as adding nutrients to the soil.
  • Increase your carrot and radish harvest by mixing seeds with dry coffee grounds before planting the seeds.
  • Use coffee grounds to repel ants.
  • Keep cats from using your garden as a kitty box by spreading used coffee grounds and orange peels throughout flower beds.
  • Keep bait worms alive by mixing coffee grounds into the soil before you add worms.
  • Grow mushrooms on old coffee grounds.
  • Fertilize plants. Old coffee grounds are nutrient-rich for plants that thrive in an acidic soil.

When you come in out of the garden, remember washing your hands is a great defense to prevent infection.

Defending you and your family from germs can be a full time job. According to many health experts, your first line of defense is handwashing, and according to the May Clinic, hand washing is a simple habit that can help keep you healthy.

Young Living makes products so pure, you can eat them. All three soaps use the power of Thieves essential oils to clean, yet they are gentle to the skin. Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves Waterless, Hand Purifier, and Thieves Cleansing Soap are effective, non-toxic, germ-busters you will want to stock up on. This personal testimonial comes from Leslie Stoddard of Idaho Falls, Idaho, "Many times when we have experienced symptoms of a cold or flu virus beginning, we have used the oils and our symptoms have vanished quickly and do not return."

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